HTML5 is the latest up-gradation of the standardized HTML4 that was introduced in 1997, and is one of the oldest web programming languages for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide, by companies both big and small, all over the globe. As a web development company, at Creative Web Mobi, we implement the use of HTML 5 codes in our website design and web application development services. It allows developers themselves more flexibility, and enables us to provide you with more exciting and interactive websites, with more powerful and efficient applications.

The benefits you receive are many:
•   More mark-up to replace scripting
•   Device independent
•   Improvements to text
•   A new SQL database that allows for temporary structured data-storing locally (client side) For e.g. emails or shopping cart items
•   Easier to develop cross-browser applications for the web and portable devices
•   Audio, visual & other interactive data no longer requires third party plug-ins
•   Makes location, whether generated via GPS or other methods, directly available, for eg Google Latitude for the iPhone
•   Enhanced inputs & search boxes & better controls for validating data
•   A website designed with HTML5 code makes easier for Search Engines like Google, to recognize new elements
•   HTTP requests for your site will have a quick & easy response

Our experienced web developers are trained in all aspects of HTML5, and have been rendering HTML5 development services that include mobile website development and iPhone & iPad application development. We understand industry demands, and endeavour to give you the most unique and innovative web services. If you’re looking for a highly result-oriented and talented crew to work on your web development projects, then your search stops right here at Creative Web Mobi.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] creativewebmobi [dot] com