How You Gain Most From Agile Web Technology: The Advantages
Agile web development technology involves everybody all the time, including the client, which means the website is developed exactly the client wants, taking part in every step taken by the developers.
As the process is iterative, the process of adding new features or upgrading the technologies “as it happens” is easier. There is no need to wait to integrate the newer technologies.
As the technology is cross-functional, there are no inter-domain conflicts or misunderstandings during the SDLC. You save an appreciable amount of time and money.
As the client can interact with anybody, including all the associated departments, during the development process, there is no communication gap between the customer and the company, ensuring highly customer-centric website development. Although the process is iterative, the approach takes surprisingly less time due to almost no re-work. Both our clients and we save time and resources significantly.
Clear planning is another evident advantage of the process. We don’t stick to any static plans and the technique follows “as things happen” approach which means the plans are always evolving and always on the right track.
Agile web development technique is also known for short documentation as the client knows almost everything which is there in the software. That’s the advantage you reap for being associated with every step.

How We Can Help You & Why Creative Web Mobi
You need a web development company which can take care of all these factors, while being an efficient company which you can trust with your website. We understand that each website means a lot to the owner and we ensure that we can provide you the best agile web development solution. There are a few reasons which make us confident
Our Employees: We have the best of the breeds to take your website to the height at which you want to see us. The most experienced, vibrant, expert and efficient teams will be working to make your dream project a reality.
Dedicated Manpower: We will be offering you the employees who will be working on your project exclusively, which mean no diversion, complete concentration and total effort are spent on your website only.
Super Saver Costing: We offer the best services at the lowest possible cost which is quite a few notches below our competitors. Why spend more when you can get the best at lower price!

Why We Choose Agile Web Development: What’s In It For You
Agile web development technology is iterative, which means there is nothing fixed about the development process. Everything is accounted for as it happens.
The technology is also incremental which means, during each iteration, we add something new and the software development life cycle (SDLC) advances towards being complete.
Agile web development technology is basically cross functional. It involves all the involved parties together and the job is not passed from hand to hand after one department is done working on it.
The Agile web development technology is also self-organising. As the name suggests, the process goes on organizing itself until we develop the website completely and we make it live.

Our Approach Towards Agile Web Development: How We Handle Your Project
Feasibility and analysis: We analyze the project for feasibility which is a detailed procedure and we decide resources and time which we shall need.
Planning: According to the analysis report, and the available resources we plan the project. All our departments which will be taking part in this development send their report which is then organised and a holistic decision is made about resource allocation and timeline.
Designing: Steps 3 to 6 goes on iteratively till the project is completed. Designing is done by our experienced web designers according to the wire frame provided by you, the client.
Coding: Our web developers then code to make the designs functional. This is a very important process and lots of iterative cycles, known as time box, goes on here. We make sure that the codes are error-free and written in the most appropriate language.
Testing: Testing is an integral part of agile web development, which makes it different from many other different techniques. The testing is done by our certified testing engineers and the customer himself and every feedback are sent to coders and designers who make changes according to the bugs found.
Deployment: Finally the website is made live, which is the final step of the process, We involve the clients heavily in all these steps making it the most customer oriented website development technology of today.

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