Why To Develop Android Apps
According to a survey recently, there are a few million Android devices getting activated each day. Can you ignore this market? No of course! The companies, small or big alike, are launching Android apps. There are two types of apps mainly.
•   A company releases and earns directly from it. Either they make the customer buy it from Google Play store, or they display advertisements which help them to earn revenue when these apps are running. These apps can be games or productivity software or communication tools.
•   There is another purpose of designing these software is to facilitate probable customers to a fluent, seamless and hassle free access to their products and services. These may be travel apps helping you to plan a travel through a particular agent or a shopping app which helps people to buy from any particular online vendor. Most of the time these apps are free as they bring traffic and revenue through them.

Features We Offer in Our Android Apps
Whatever may your case be, few factors cannot be overlooked….
•   The apps should be compatible with most Android devices, be it tablet or a smartphone.
•   The apps should be compatible with a range of Android devices. Starting from the latest version it should be backward compatible with a few previous versions. Presently a good app should run on Ice Cream Sandwich to at least Gingerbread.
•   The apps should use minimum resources so people using low end devices can also use these apps smoothly.
•   The apps should be user friendly in user interface as well as have a pleasant look aesthetically.
•   The app creation cost should be low.

Technology We Use Official Android SDK: The basic yet comprehensive help for all developers from Android creator Google itself. Developing, debugging, documentation, testing, Google play licensing and billing.
Gimbal Context Aware: Web based context awareness from Qualcomm helps the user to have a rich and personalised experience. User Privacy, energy efficiency and security.
Titanium Mobile SDK: We deliver multi-platform apps using this excellent platform from Appcelator. Apps build on this runs natively on Android, iOS and other popular mobile platforms.
Vuforia Augmented Reality: Can recognise real-world images and 3D targets, also cloud images. Using this we can build you games or geolocation dependent apps swiftly and efficiently.

Versions of Android We Cover Our Developers cover all the prominent versions of Android.
Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) : The latest version with multi user account support and Photo Sphere camera, this runs on Google Nexus products. We develop for this version which means your app will have all the latest features
Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) : Presently the most popular version of Android and most latest smartphones and tablets are coming with ICS at this moment. We can develop for this version which means all your apps will run on most latest smartphones and tablets.
Android Honeycomb (Android 3.0-3.2): The Only Tablet-only version of Android till date. We efficiently deliver apps made for this version which means your apps will run exceedingly well in tablets.
Gingerbread (Android 2.3): Google’s most used Android version till date which still holds 42% of total market share, smartphone and tablet combined. Even today lower-end phones are coming with this version which means your app will be able to run on almost every Android device.

All our apps are 100% backward compatible which means your app will run on all major versions of Android.

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