Importance of iPhone/iPad applications
You should consider mobile application development for a few reasons.
Firstly, you can facilitate your potential customers by distributing free apps which will help them to access your portal better. Easier accessibility will certainly help them to use your site more and of course increased traffic will cause increased sales and revenue.
Secondly, there are premier apps for which people are willing to pay. Have you seen how many units of Angry Birds were sold? Yes, if you can make a great app, people will buy it. Popular games, office suits, and utilities are often paid.
Alternatively, you can share ad-enabled freeware. In this case, you will be earning indirectly, from the advertisements. These apps are often popular as they are premium but free.

Our Process of Development
The art of iPad/iPhone app development needs skilled programmers as well as passion to develop. Not only the programmer needs to be certified by Apple to develop apps, but he also needs to have access to most recent hardware (iPhones & iPads in this case) to test their apps.
Once the app has been created, we have dedicated testing engineers who checks for bugs and this cycle goes on until we present the polished bug-free version to our clients.

The Platforms We Use
We believe in delivering the world class solutions and we have worked extensively on platforms as it developed. We have official Apple SDK and we are using the following technologies
•   Technology: Xcode version 4.5
•   Language: Objective-C
•   Operating System: Mac 10.7.4
•   Debugger: Instrument
•   Built Uploader: Application Loader

How We handle The Challenges Associated
Developing apps for iPhones/iPads are of course programming but it has certain challenges associated with it.
•   The technological world is moving very fast, so the app must be made so it is compatible with the next product launch. All our products are built using latest technology and are version independent so most users can use our apps.
•   The app should not be memory hungry, the developer must fix the memory leakage. Our testing engineers are efficient to test these before sending the final product.
•   Proper interruption handling is needed, so incoming calls don’t terminate the program accidentally or prematurely. The products we developed and are developing are facilitated with multi-interruption handlers.
•   As iPhones/iPads are all touch device so app should be very touch friendly and should ideally require very little typing. Additionally, to make an app a hit, there should be something for the users to do than to only swipe and touch. We can
•   The app must have a certain USP which should be able to place the app distinctly among its competitors. The iOS market is already very crowded so the app must be very unique in its features. Check for example mCura, an app we developed which is world’s first medical facilitation app.

Our Speciality
We specialise in providing iPad/iPhone application solutions including
•   Office/Business application
•   Fun Application
•   Multimedia Application
•   Games
•   Internet Application
•   Utility application

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] creativewebmobi [dot] com