J2ME is regarded as a standard technology to run a variety of functions for a wide range of mobile devices. Such devices that have limited functionalities when compared to desktop or server computers would find J2ME technology or the Java runtime very useful. Low end devices would have a range of shortcomings like for instance limited memory space, small screen sizes as well processors that would work extremely slow and are unable to handle large processing capabilities. On the contrary, high end devices may also feature such constraints but they can still perform in optimized environments with help of J2ME based applications. At Creative Web Mobi, one of the largest mobile application development company in India, our team of J2ME developers possess strong ability in this domain and can assist you with a wide range of business solutions for your mobile handsets. No matter what may be your requirement, our experts are sure to find a solution that can enhance the overall capability of any mobile device. We offer a wide spectrum of business engagement models at cost effective prices with each model ensuring that you get the best of your ROI. Our solutions created with help of J2ME can help enhance your business capabilities though communication devices or any mobile device. Our developed applications would provide you with the capability to keep real time communication with clients so that you can keep track of business reports and other important projects.
J2ME has found significant amount of usability in all kinds of electronic devices irrespective of what kind of platform the device may be running on. It is much secure, reliable and dynamic and promotes client server applications to run seamlessly. It also helps integrate and run various components created on a single electronic device. We at Creative Web Mobi have further leveraged this capability to help build mobile applications that can assist businesses, institutes and firms around the world to enhance their overall productivity and the ability to stay in touch with perspective clients and customers.
Experts working at Creative Web Mobi can provide J2ME applications services for industries of all kinds. We have established ourselves as a leading player in the offshore mobile application field and can cater to global clients who wish to enhance their business capabilities with help of technology. We can offer the following to you so that you get the most out of your communication devices:
•   Apply the J2ME architecture to a wide range of mobile devices so that they can offer better functionality serving a wide range of business needs
•   Incorporate rich featured multimedia applications so that you can make the most of your device while on the move
•   Create for you high end Application Programming Interface (API) for better usability
•   Create for you applications that utilize networks for easy flow of information and data
•   Develop various Bluetooth applications for better communication of devices
•   Implement rich features like local data storage using Record Management Systems
•   Develop a wide range of social media based applications and tools like facebook that would keep you up and close with friends, clients and close ones

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