One of the most common yet extraordinary things to happen today is accessing a website or the internet on your mobile handset. In most cases, websites would appear all jumbled up and it becomes a huge challenge to navigate through different sections of any website. You will observe that the experience of browsing your site is very different from when it is viewed on a desktop or laptop. With the increase of mobile users accessing websites on their handhelds, it is imperative that you as the website owner to secure a mobile version of your website.
At Creative Web Mobi, we can help you accomplish this task with ease. No matter which mobile device you choose to browse on Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia or an Android, we can ensure that the viewer would have one of the best browsing experience. Our best in class mobile web services can enhance your business capabilities be helping you reach out to a variety of people across the world.
Nearly all mobile handsets available in the market today have internet browsing capabilities or what is generally called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) so that you can browse through all kinds of sites. However, the screen sizes vary from one make of mobile to another. Our mobile website development experts offer solutions that can cater to a variety of sizes like 128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels and 320 x 480 pixels. Mobile users primarily browse through websites that can provide useful information. These sites could be corporate websites, websites that offer maps (like the Google Map locator), store and dealer locations, ecommerce websites, ticket booking sites, messaging sites and more. If you have such a website, and would want to get a mobile compatible site created then why not get in touch with us!
Mobile web users as of today still face a lot of incompatibility issues as different formats used on various sites cannot run on mobile handsets. This also could be because of the physical size of the screen of the handset. At Creative Web Mobi, our team of experts is aware of such issues and ensures whilst developing a mobile website such concerns are taken care of. This way, your target audience can enjoy one of the best viewing experiences of your website on their mobile handset.
Our experts working on mobile website development also have the right kind of expertise to perform analysis of existing websites and identify key content for browser compatibility. If you have a specific requirement we would also analyze the same and offer alternate solutions in case the requirement cannot be fulfilled due to restrictions in mobile usage. Our experienced and talented teams of designers, consultants, developers and IT engineers have the right IT skills and aptitude for cross platform and varied industry mobile web projects.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] creativewebmobi [dot] com