Creative Web Mobi is a brightly shining name in the fields of Web Portal Development. We are proficient in developing different types of portals such as Product Sale, News portal, Personal portal, Government portals, Cultural portals, Corporate web portals, Stock portals, Search portals and Social Networking Portal.
We are one Web Portal Development Company who fully realise the difference between website development and web portal development. We do not mix those up. For a general idea, a web portal is an accumulation of several services which several websites offer.

Do You Need Website Or Web Portal?
If you are looking to offer something of your own then you need a website, where as if you are looking to offer many different services you should better go for web portals. Also, if the service you are rendering is your own effort then a website suits you better but if you are (legally) borrowing services from other websites then you need a web portal. Another difference is, if you need a registration and log in facility, probably you are looking for a web portal but if no log in is needed then you should go for websites.

Web Portal Classification
Portals can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal portals, which are often called, Hortals, comprises many different companies or websites offering same product or service. An e-shopping portal which lists all the brands of mobile is one example of this type of portals.
Oppositely, a vertical portal, Vortal, lists many different types of information which can be related or unrelated. Like, your personalised homepage of Google which contains your mails, favourite quotes and the local weather.
We have developed both types of portals since our inception and we are rated as one of the best Web Portal Development from India.
News portal: News portals are very trending these days. News portal is an online platform for sharing latest information and technology news around the globe. News portal brings information together from assorted sources uniformly. So you can save your time and find all the news on diverse topics at the same spot.
Stock Portal: Also commonly known as stock market or stock exchange portals. These are internet based applications which eases the process of delivering considerable amount of data like latest prices, trends and important news, reports and announcements regarding the trading strategies.
Corporate Web Portal: It becomes very tough for companies to maintain diverse sites on different services they provide to their customers so they opted for corporate website portal. It assists companies to make an improved online presence. With the introduction of corporate portals it became easier for companies to provide efficient services to its customers and provide them with immediate results.
Search portals: It is the term roughly used to covers almost all the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The aim behind search portals is to facilitate us to personalize your search portals according to our betterment. It combines outcome from many search engines at one place.
Personal portal: Technically it means having a personal home page on World Wide Web that provides personalized capabilities to the user. It is connected to a search engine and exhibiting preferred information. Most are the private pages for user logging, except the Pageflakes and Netvibes which have ‘public’ option allowing the user to share the portal pages.
Cultural portals: It is a collective collection of cultural archives and museums. This portal provides us access to the content on the web which invisible and not classified by the standard search engines. The main aim behind cultural portal is to make people aware around the globe and encourage them to analyze their culture and creativity.

Our Technology and USP
Portal development takes experience, expertise, knowledge, and exposure to latest technology and many other things. We consider ourselves as the best Web Portal Developer because our web portal development services include:
•   Creating customized applications for a web portal already up and live
•   Innovative web portal solutions where interactive design are married with the latest technologies
•   Integrating third party applications such as payment gateways, open source interactive modules etc.
•   B2B portal solutions that provide services like e-Commerce Website & Application Development with shopping carts, e-Marketplace servicing as a business hub, etc
•   B2C portal solutions so that a business can reach its target customer base.

Our Unbeatable Designing Features
Security: We have network forensic experts on our payroll and we pick them carefully. As carefully, they check your portal for any security risk. We understand web portals need extra layer of security as it often needs logging in and that’s why we never forget to use Secure Socket Layer while designing. Upgrade/ Rolling Process/Agile Development: We follow the agile web development process which is like a rolling release. We keep in adding latest of technology and your portal enjoys the best in security, features and updates.
Integration: We can easily and efficiently integrate any module or API (open source, third party or custom-built) into the portal which means you can easily add any feature or service you prefer.
Mobile Compatibility: As mobile versions of sites are becoming indispensable, we develop a mobile friendly version for all the portals we develop. It means neither you the moderator/owner nor are your users ever disconnected from the portal.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] creativewebmobi [dot] com